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Talking Points



1. Part of India’s largest educational network of K – 12 schools

2. Dedicated and trained Teachers

3. Strong Academic focus where all children are given equal attention. Focus is on high-class average so that all children achieve success.

4. Learning Management System (LMS) where parents get to know what is being taught on a weekly basis. The LMS will also have sufficient worksheets and notes to enable children to practice better. Model Question papers are also available in the LMS to help children prepare for exams.


5. Equal focus on Co-Scholastic areas. Dance, Music, Art, Theatre, Aerobics, Yoga, Swimming and Physical Education is part of the curriculum and included in the time table.

6. Parent-Teacher Meetings every 45 days.

7. Unified Exam system amongst all Bhavans Schools in the Middle East where subject experts prepare and design the test papers.

8. Weekly Cycle Tests for students of Grades 1 to 4, where every Wednesday a subject is tested. Hence in an academic year, one subject will be tested 5 times in a phased manner to ensure students are thorough with the subject thereby preparing them for the higher grades.

9. Co-Curricular activities ensure that children participate adequately and attain the confidence to perform to an audience.

10. Educational tours are a highlight of the school.

11. Open Door Policy where the teachers, principal, and management is available at school to meet so as to build a very efficient parent-school partnership.

12. Children of Bhavan Schools in the Middle East have achieved major success in academics, sports, co-scholastic activities at Individual as well as group levels thereby developing their Academic and Social skills and ensuring they become confident and successful adults.

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