Our Academic team comprises qualified and experienced staff, since we believe that learning starts with highly motivated and professional teachers. To further inspire learning in our students, we ensure that our academic team is constantly updated by having our inhouse continuous development programs which will be hall mark in our School.

Our Academic team will guide and facilitate our students to enable them to become the confident learners that they ought to be.

PWS follows the curriculum specified by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) New Delhi and will be affiliated with the Board for Grade 9 – 12. Defined, structured and compact, the focus of the Curriculum is to help develop holistic individuals through co-scholastic school based evaluation, instill values through integrated curricular approach, develop innovations in teaching – learning methodologies by devising student friendly and student centered paradigms among others. The emphasis of the curriculum remains on the application of knowledge. The school has successfully linked its vision with the CBSE curriculum rationale to ensure that the foundations of the curriculum is meticulously followed in the School.

Students are given opportunities to enhance and exploit their literacy in information and technology. With a robust focus on innovative learning, Pearl Wisdom School aims to establish itself as the centre of “radiant thinking” in the UAE, with an equally strong focus on the physical and mental development of children.

“Playing is the shortest distance between children and their creative calling.” All Children will enjoy a healthy life style at School. The school is also committed to promote this. Physical exercise is of high priority at school. Students in Kindergarten will have both indoor and outdoor playtime. Students in the primary curriculum will enjoy 80 minutes of weekly PE while students upto G 2 will get an additional 40 minutes per week for exercise to develop their motor skills.

To know more about our teaching and learning strategies,  contact the School. Our academic team is always at service to help and assist you in any of your queries.


  • The school now caters to 3 phases KG, Grades 1-5 and Grades 6-8.
  • The class size is 25 students. The KG class will have a full-time teacher and a teaching assistant.
  • On joining KG, the children stay together as a class until the end of KG 2. They will be divided into different groups after Phase 1. This provides an opportunity for all the children to know each other. We celebrate the days spent in Kindergarten with a convocation ceremony and welcome the kids to Grade 1.
  • We also have a convocation ceremony for the entrants of Phase 3. Photographs of all the events are put up on our official website and on our social media page. (With an official media consent form signed by the parent). Upon special requests and upon payment individual photographs if required will be provided.


To drive away the monotony of customary seats and rooms that restrict movement to a considerable extent, we have resource rooms designed for various subjects. From grade 5 students will move for their core lessons to mentors seated in the resource rooms. This not only ensures flexibility but also will help us ensure that children learn to walk in a line adhering to the code of discipline of the school.

Apart from being taught by well experienced and trained faculty, the onsite facilities for sports and subject rooms for Art, Drama, Music and Theatre  children get the space to be taught by experienced specialist teachers.


At Pearl Wisdom School, Dubai we aim to discover the best in all children and challenge them to go beyond their and our expectations. Our students are offered a soothing welcome as they step into the school. The soft music calms the mind and keeps it receptive and fresh. Each grade has a Form Tutor. The Form Tutors spend circle time with their children. They greet, meet and connect in the morning and evening.

We recognize the importance of children being offered a variety of experiences, in and outside the classroom, to develop their knowledge and skills. We provide a breadth of opportunities promoting academic, artistic, creative, physical and community achievements.

Some of these activities include Theatre – Gardening – Design Thinking – Artificial Intelligence – Design Technology  – Charity involvement and so on. These activities are offered to children as per their age and grade level.

The school pays attention to build habits that build ethical leaders. We believe that school is the space where young leaders prepare for life. Hence we ensure that  values are instilled at school and lessons of life that extend beyond the knowledge horizon, widening the vistas of wisdom are imparted. The happy teachers of Pearl Wisdom School delightfully wait to warmly welcome each child with his/ her fascinating uniqueness.

Hence the school life at Pearl resonates happiness and promises brilliance.


Students will belong to one of the four houses 





Each House will have a House Coach and a House Captain

We wish to cultivate a healthy and competitive spirit among the members of various houses.

Points will be awarded for

  1. Discipline and Hygiene
  2. Fastidiousness
  3. Respect to elders, school property and school uniform
  4. House Bulletin Boards
  5. Interhouse competitions literary, cultural, and sports.
  6. Initiatives and innovations

The Best House will have the PEARL CROWN in their house name on the notice board until another house wins over the next year.

The names of the winning houses and the House Coach and House Captain will also reflect under the title WINNERS LEAGUE with the year.


All our children from Grade 1 above will be given the exposure to standardized tests in line with the UAE Vision. This will help us map the skills of our students against the international benchmark. Based on the results of these tests, we also analyze and review the pedagogy and learning process, to aid the process of improvement.