Personal, Social and Emotional development of the students of Pearl Wisdom School, Dubai is the most important and crucial in the development of children in early years. They are the building blocks of success in life. Our teachers support children to have positive attitude and effectively interact with others.

Teachers and other care givers at PWS who deal with children on a daily basis are extremely positive in their approach and demonstrate cheerful and good behaviour at times with children. This is the greatest support our kindergarteners receive. We also endeavor to rope into our children the confidence to smoothly and effectively manage feelings and behaviour and foster relationships.

Kids of Pearl Wisdom School, Dubai feel valued and special enjoy the scintillating sense of self-worth. This in turn leads our students to become confident and they easily learn to respect and follow simple rules  that operate in different places such as home and a setting or a play area. Teachers are their role models at school who show them how to be with others; how to be kind and to understand why people behave in certain ways, they learn to use the magic of an apology and spread the aura of happiness by greeting each other.  Helping children develop personally, socially and emotionally is often challenging but our Kindergarten team does it with ease.