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Principal’s Message


Dear Children …….welcome to the world of fun and curiosity wherein you can unearth the ‘Pearls of Wisdom’ that will certainly help you to illuminate your future. The essence of our education policy is to produce sensitive, creative, and upright children who are willing to explore possibilities and whose professional skills will endure revolutions in thinking and technology. Instead of redundantly clinging to the outdated direct teaching methods, Pearl Wisdom School (PWS) CBSE school in Dubai will focus on ‘Learning through experiences’ and these experiences will help our children move confidently through the less-traveled path of thinking and innovation. At PWS, our teaching strategies will give all our parents an assurance that teaching will be focused on whole-brain learning and no attempt will be made to label children as Intelligent or otherwise. Our inclusive strategies will give a helping hand to each and every child to pursue his or her life goals.  Our classrooms will be happening places where children are free from any mental blockages and the principle of radiant thinking will be prioritized.

The vision and mission of the school management are designed as per the declared vision of the rulers of the United Arab Emirates and the curriculum framework also has been designed in such a way as to incorporate educational goals of CBSE as well.

Apart from giving stress to cognitive skills, the school will ensure the holistic development of the child through various specifically designed games and activities with the support of state of the art infrastructure, in which we have invested.

The brain without a body is not a human life. Life has its mental and intellectual components as well as its physical side. The sports landscape and sports settings that we provide will be ideal for the teaching, learning, practices, which will, in turn, help the child to enhance their physical as well as emotional skills. Our proposed Design Technology Lab will be a hub for our young children to learn by taking risks and thereby be more resourceful, innovative, enterprising and capable.

With the assistance of technology, we focus on enhancing students’ skills through the system of collaborative learning and peer group learning strategies. PWS envisages to create an innovative, open and trustworthy place for students to grow, take risks and feel comfortable in their own patterns of learning.

Pearl Wisdom School is the Brain Child of a group of visionaries and it has evolved from their long years of experience in the field of education and research, especially in the Middle East. The Management runs the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Schools in the Middle East and PWS will be added to the vast network of schools presently being operated in Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, and Al Ain.

Our promise is the product of our confidence, generated from the experiences which we have acquired through our journey with thousands of happy children and their parents.

I look forward to welcoming all our parents to our campus at Pearl Wisdom School, with this single assurance – Your Children will be our Children.

 Binumon V. R.

Principal & Head of Learning

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