Pearl Wisdom School is home to a team of highly qualified, aspiring and  enthusiastic educators who have showcased their talent and professionalism at various schools of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in India or in the Middle East and other reputed schools, both in India as well as in the UAE. Educators at PWS have all been well trained in their respective fields and carry with them years of rich experience from the CBSE schools.  They have imbibed the educational philosophy of the school. Their expertise, experience and knowledge equip them to meet the requirements of the CBSE and the KHDA.

Our dedicated and passionate team of teachers, acutely attuned to the needs of each child, go above and beyond to make sure that these needs are successfully met. They prioritize forming trusting relationships with the students and parents. They are dedicated to forming a conducive environment for the academic, social, physical and mental development of each child. They are sensitive to individual differences, particularly with learners and their learning needs. Their focus is the index of progress of every child.

Educators at PWS regularly attend Continuous Professional Development (CPD) sessions to be up-to-date on the developments in the academic field. They collaborate to grow. They  build high expectations for their children and themselves and continuously work to provide the best support for their students, especially those who need additional support. Our compassionate faculty work tirelessly and collectively to form a safe and supportive setting for each child to  bloom into a holistically developed global citizen.